by Chokey

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Recorded by Michael Briggs at Civil Recording in Denton, TX


released June 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Chokey Denton, Texas

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Track Name: Who Climbs into My Robot Body and Whispers to My Ghost
great plan great plan
just keep your head down and
pay no mind to where you steer
it'll probably be fine
it's not like you're controlling
a two-ton missile right?
it must be nice to live a life so focused
on yourself alone
i wish i could force repercussions
who the fuck thinks a wrist slap makes any difference at all?
Track Name: I Never Considered Myself a Mixologist
nothing ever makes you angrier than when you might have to think outside the hate box you were bred in. you only hate us because our presence makes you question your existence. your terrified of what it must mean if we thrive. you're just a coward when you break it down.
Track Name: Kissfan69
you toe the line. you feel it under your skin. the slithering that makes you sick. you want to never return. you find your way right back to the slithering. write it on the walls, force it in your head, while you shove it down your throat, you'll never have control if you're so quick to give in.
Track Name: Me, You, and a Seadoo V. 2
i find your narrow view insulting. you fail to acknowledge that there's no logic in your cherished practice of self-denial. who knew that i would ever find the word slut complementary?